Aeronautics Program

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SAMS Academy's aviation program is a groundbreaking experience for students who are motivated to get hands-on with their learning.

SAMS Aviation has an amazing staff of FAA certified flight instructors and an onsite aero-medical examiner who is both a licensed medical doctor and a flight instructor. Our staff is teaching young people about the world of aviation through classes like fundamentals of aeronautics, aviation history, and aeronautical career exploration just to name a few.

The aeronautical education received at SAMS is second to none. Students have an opportunity to earn a private pilot certificate, learn how to be a crew member/pilot on a UAV (drone) team, or explore the myriad of possibilities in the aviation industry. There is no other program like this in the country. We are unique not only for our high quality of instruction, but also for the incredibly low cost to our students. The school owned full motion Redbird MCX simulator, fleet of UAV’s (drones) and Cessna 172, help us control our costs and offer the best education at the lowest cost possible. A private pilot certificate at SAMS will cost a fraction of the $8000.00 national average it would be at any other institution. We offer a very well rounded and engaging curriculum to send our students out into the industry or to post-secondary education as well prepared professionals and leaders in their field.

If a challenge is what you seek, or you have dreams of flight, come check out SAMS Academy and see for yourself. Above and Beyond is more than just something we say, it is something we live!

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