Core Content  
Albuquerque Aviation Academy utilizes the latest and most advanced online program available to help our students reach their full academic potential.In collaboration with Edgenuity, we offer core academic courses as well as electives to students in grades 6-12. Teachers at Albuquerque Aviation Academy are able to customize courses for students at any ability level, and assist them one-on-one as needed to master the content. Parents are able to continuously monitor their student's progress, allowing them to stay in the loop with their child's learning and achievements.



SmartLab® is a hands-on STEAM lab where students can combine exploration with learning. In this highly engaging lab, students pair up with one another and work on a project for three weeks. During this time, the students have opportunities to use state-of-the-art equipment, ask questions, explore a topic on their own terms, and document their process. After the three-week unit is complete, the students present their project to the class—whether it is a finished physical product or a research process. The over-arching goal is for students to better prepared for careers through participating in STEAM project-based learning.