SAMS Board Nomination Process

Who is Eligible:

All members of the community, especially parents of students who attend Southwest Aeronautics, Mathematics and Science (SAMS) Academy are eligible for nomination.

How to Recommend Nominees:

You may recommend yourself or others for nomination by using this online form. You may suggest as many members as you like (one form submission per member suggestion). Be sure to include accurate contact information for each.

The Nomination Process:

The Nominating Committee, after receiving all nominations, will submit a single slate of Nominees to the Board for consideration and approval. Nominees will be required to attend the meeting at which an election is held and will be interviewed by the Governing Council in a public session. Only individuals with no real or apparent conflicts of interest will be eligible.

​​​​​​​Duties of a Governing Council Member:

Board duties include but are not limited to: active participation in a policy-based governance system, adhere to fiduciary responsibility, provide direction for SAMS Academy goals, activities and status, and serve on ad hoc committees. All board members are required to complete 8 hours of annual training.

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