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2014 Commencement Speech by Dick Knipfing

This speech was given by Dick Knipfing at the 2014 commencement ceremony for the graduates of Southwest Secondary Learning Center and SAMS Academy.

Doubling down

When Kelly Watson tosses her high school graduation cap next week, she won’t be looking to start her college career. She’s already well on her way.

Girl to graduate college before high school

If you need a little inspiration to get ahead in life, meet the high school senior who just finished college.

School gets 2 new flight simulators

Students at Southwest Aeronautics, Mathematics, and Science Academy help assemble new flight simulators that will be used in the school’s flight program.

SAMS Engineerng Club Kite

SAMS Engineering Club (Corps of Engineers) conducted contest and projects on flight using paper planes and kite designs.

Albuquerque school recognized for high standards

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Improving schools has been a hot-button issue in New Mexico, especially during the 2014 legislative session. Now there’s some encouraging news about a group of Albuquerque charter schools.

A Champion’s Spirit: Snowshoe racer hopes to compete in Olympics

He's only 14-years-old, and already Jonah Thompson has the "Champion's Spirit." Jonah is a young Albuquerque athlete who is determined to reach his potential in a handful of sports and perhaps one day, even make it to the Olympic Games.

NEW MEXICO: APS, charters competing for students

Albuquerque students in grades eight through 10 are hot commodities this summer.

Albuquerque (NM) Charter School Teaches Kids to Fly Planes

Its official title is the Southwest Aeronautics, Mathematics, and Science Academy, or better known at SAMS. From the outside, it's like any other school, but inside the education is in a world all its own.

APS inks online course deal with charter

Albuquerque students can once again enroll in online courses with Southwest Secondary Learning Center, but a new agreement will prevent them from using the classes as a graduation bailout.

UNM’s modified scholarship plan to begin in 2014

While the University of New Mexico postponed some of its planned changes to first-semester scholarships for incoming freshmen, much of the new program will go into effect in fall 2014.

There are new NCAA guidelines about online courses

There are concerns about New Mexico high school students not being able to play Division 1 Interscholastic athletics because of the new NCAA stance with online courses.

Surfeit of talent hampers ABQ aviation industry

Sandia Aerospace Corp. President and CEO Dennis Schmidt said finding local talent for his Albuquerque-based avionics design and manufacturing operation is a major hassle.

KRQE News 13 visits the Southwest Aeronautics, Mathematics and Science Academy

Governor Suzanna Martinez and business leaders are trying to get more aviation companies and workers to come here to New Mexico.

SAMS Academy is showcased on AOPA Live This Week

Imagine a high school where you get Fridays off, your classroom view is an airport, and flight training is part of the curriculum.

New high school leverages aviation to the max

Imagine a high school that takes Fridays off and includes flight training as part of the curriculum.

Charter Schools Still Subject to Assault by APS

The Albuquerque Journal editorial of Aug. 22 reported the obvious competition between Albuquerque Public Schools and local charter schools for students and funding and noted, “District officials repeatedly have made it clear APS should really be the only schools-game in town.”

Commit to Excel

At first blush, the schools that earned the highest scores under the state’s new A-F school grading system don’t seem to have much in common.

Online English Credit Gets OK

An investigation by the Public Education Department has found no wrongdoing in the case of a high school senior who was able to graduate after completing a semester English course in a weekend.

Eclipse Building To House Aviation Charter School

A new aeronautics-focused charter school, set to open its doors in the fall, will be located on the far West Side in a building once owned by Eclipse Aviation, its founder announced this week.

A new charter school in Albuquerque is planning to teach the next generation of pilots

The Southwest, Aeronautics, Mathematics & Science Academy, or SAMS, will be housed in the old Eclipse Aviation building.

Charter school occupies Eclipse Aviation’s old training center

Eclipse Aviation Corp.’s mothballed pilot training center is rising from the ashes to prepare high school students for careers in aviation and technology.

A sneak peek into a new westside charter school

The Southwest, Aeronautics, Mathematics & Science Academy will open in August in time for the new school year.

Clear Skys Ahead

The sluggish economy and high unemployment are leaving many young people with slim job prospects. But not in aviation, according to local business owners.

School Success Truly a Partnership

On Saturday, October 8, 2011 the Albuquerque Journal published a letter from Dolly Juarez, a Co-Founder of Southwest Learning Centers.

Think Differently (Key Word Being Think)

On Tuesday, September 27, 2011 the Albuquerque Journal published a letter from Daniel Washington, a Southwest Learning Centers senior who resides in Rio Rancho NM in there "Talk of the Town" section.