About The Staff

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Janis Schnorr - Mathematics /assets/uploads/Janis Schnorr.pdf

Geoffrey Schaffer-Harris Smart Lab Instructor /assets/uploads/Geoffrey Schaffer-Harris.pdf

Miles Harvey - Language Arts /assets/uploads/Miles Harvey.pdf

Frank Dolan - Social Studies /assets/uploads/Frank Dolan.pdf

Donald T Lopez - Smart Lab Instructor /assets/uploads/Donald T Lopez.pdf

Megan Stobie - Social Studies /assets/uploads/Megan Stobie(1).pdf

Jonathan Garcia - Physical Education /assets/uploads/Jonathan Garcia.pdf

J. Abran Mirabal - Science /assets/uploads/J_ Abran Mirabal.pdf

Ruben Garcia - Educational Assistant /assets/uploads/Ruben Garcia.pdf

Matthew Buddrius - Educational Assistant /assets/uploads/matts bio.doc

Christine Culley - Educational Assistant /assets/uploads/Christine Culley.pdf

Joseph Threadgill - Educational Assitant /assets/uploads/BIO Threadgill(2).pdf